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PSEA Dialogue
Feb. 24th

Digna hosted a dialogue with GAC’s PSEA unit and departmental focal points on how GAC-funded organizations and projects can effectively incorporate the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.


Reducing recruitment risks for the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuseLearn from our speakers on some ways you can enhance your recruitment practices, while ensuring you are respecting Canadian legal frameworks.

Past Events

Digna's Launch

From a Pledge to a Plan: What Next?

Digna’s conference on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse

Digna's Trainings

Sensitive Investigations

This session outlined the dos and don’ts of conducting SEA investigations, outlining special considerations that sensitive investigations of this sort require.


Safeguarding Sensitization

This course explored key topics involved in safeguarding within the international humanitarian aid and development sector, through the lens of power and privilege, and focused on survivor-centred approaches.

Liability and Duty of Care

This workshop covered duty of care responsibilities through use of a case study. 

It has been adapted to include Duty of Care implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digna's Webinars

Reducing the Risk of SEA during Crisis

This webinar explored concrete steps organizations can take to limit sexual exploitation and abuse during the COVID-19 response and other crises.