Safeguarding Essentials – Kaya

“An interactive, scenario-focused course that will build your understanding of what safeguarding is and its importance in the humanitarian and development sector.”

“This course will build your understanding of what safeguarding is in the humanitarian and development sector. It will look at a diverse range of safeguarding issues affecting the vulnerable groups we serve and focus on the ‘non-negotiables for conduct’ in safeguarding.” 

“Running alongside the course, you have a personal learning journal. This is where you can manually capture your thoughts, both when prompted by course activities or through your own reflections. Your learning journal will be a personal record of your engagement with the course as well as a lasting resource, which you can return to refresh your understanding at any time.”

This course is also available in ArabicFrench and Spanish.

The course is divided into 6 modules of roughly equal length, each requiring 10-15 minutes study. We recommend that you study the course in sequence the first time, but after this it is up to you how you revisit the materials. There is benefit in just dipping in and out to reacquaint yourself with concepts, facts, figures and stories at any time.

The modules are:

  1. What is safeguarding?
  2. Safeguarding communities at risk
  3. How do safeguarding issues arise?
  4. Mythbusting – true or false?
  5. How you can help?